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About the site

iAndroid and More was created this site to help inform people about the future updates and whatnot inside the   world of iOS and Android. Because as it seems now in days you can’t hear about one without hearing about the other, so instead of us arguing which is “better”, why not just have both on one site so people can decide for themselves which one they want.

This site tries to provide all of it’s readers with pretty timely reviews and info inside the world of both iOS and Android.

Farther more, this site is what I believe is proof that iOS and Android can be in the same area and it not be the end of the world as we know it.



About the Team

 Well, for know it is just me. I actually do this site mostly for fun because I love technology, and also because I actually believe that both iOS and Android has their flaws.

Now, I don’t get to update this site as much as I would like because I am either making a app reviews on Youtube or I am on my other blog, “vamp6x6x6x’s Site“, is it is…well, it is a site all about me.