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Angel vs Devil(iPhone)

Ok, this post is just me thinking about stuff such as the iPhone. As in is the iPhone good or bad.

I have been thinking of this because I am coming from a Android phone being my main phone to the iPhone being my main phone.

So far I have had the iPhone for a little over a month and I have to say I think I like the simpleness of it, and me and my nephew both love how polished the games on the iPhone seem to be. But, at the same time I do kinda miss having the option to connect and send music to people via bluetooth, and I miss not having to jump threw hoops to save media files to my phone.

Yes, I know that I could just Jailbreak my iPhone, but I really just wanna keep it plan and simple and have a phone that works instead of having a phone I have to work with.

So, yea, Angel or Devil, Holy Sword or Demon Sword, that is what I have to decide.

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