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Awesome Soundboard For Android

Awesome Soundboard sounds…well..awesome, and to me it is pretty awesome.

I mean, it has some awesome sounds, and I am talking sounds from stuff like Doctor Who, YTAS(Yugioh the Abridged Series), DBZ(Dragonball Z), Family Guy, and more.

Also, with this app you can longpress a sound to save it to your phone so that you can later use it as a ringtone or notification tone.

I will admit that it is not have the neatest looking soundboard interface in the world, but it is fully functional, and in my humble opinion more them makes up for it with the awesome features it does have going for it.

So yea, I think it is a good soundboard that is totally 100% worth checking out, and hey it is free, so you really have nothing to loose, and maybe a few ringtones and/or notifications to gain.

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