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Batman Arkham City Lockdown for iPhone/iPad

Batman Arkham City Lockdown is well…it’s Batman Arkham City Lockdown…

I mean, lets ignore the fact that the graphics to me seem a bit “bulky” or that this game has really no plot at all… No, lets instead focus on its controls..

Its controls for fighting and whatnot are the same type of swipe controls used in Infinity Blade. Normally I would say that this is a good thing since I tend to like Infinity Blade style controls, but it just doesn’t seem like the controls match the mood of the game really.

Now, the graphics are pretty decent, and it is a newly anticipated title, so if those are the only 2 requirements you have to decide rather you buy a game or not then by all means buy the game…


Batman Arkham City Lockdown (AppStore Link) Batman Arkham City Lockdown
Developer: Warner Bros. Entertainment
Rated: 12+4.5
Price: $5.99 Get it

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