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Blood & Glory for iPhone/iPad

After a small amount that may seem bigger then it really was of time pasted, iOS at long last gets a Infinity Blade clone that doesn’t seemly suck. Yes, I am well aware that iOS doesn’t need a clone of Infinity Blade running around because iOS has the original Infinity Blade…but this is different…because unlike Infinity Blade this is free.

I oddly enough have nothing very bad that I could say about this clone.(Well, to be honest I did seem to have some trouble getting the game to play via my iPad 1, but maybe it’s just a bug they will over time fix, or maybe it means that the newer games that come out will most likely need to be running on a device with a A5 chip or higher.. Also, it may be worth noting that even Infinity Blade has a better back story then this game, mainly because this doesn’t have anything like a plot or anything; just fight to win nothing more nothing less.) The graphics, gameplay, sound, swipe controls, and feel remind you that it is indeed a Infinity Blade clone. Which to be frank if it didn’t, it wouldn’t be a very good clone.

I actually think the graphics on this game may be a bit nicer then the original…but maybe it is just the cool blood effects that have me thinking that.


Blood & Glory (AppStore Link) Blood & Glory
Developer: Glu Games Inc
Rated: 17+5
Price: Free Get it

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