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Borderlands Legends for iPhone

People asked for a mini Borderlands game and now they have one…well, iDevice users do anyway.

When I used the word mini I meant it; as this game seems to just be a slaughter dome type thing from Borderlands. Which means that the missions are just fighting wave after waves of creatures.

Now, me personally I like a good slaughter dome, but if you don’t then maybe you shouldn’t look into getting this game. But then again, in what other game will you get to play as all four of the origional vault hunters on the same team? Not to mention that each vault hunter has three skills that can be activated. Also, the shop may not be 100% how you remember it, but it is there none the less.

In short: No, it is not what moost expected, but that is only because it has the Borderlands name on it. But overall it is a good game. In fact it reminds me a bit of the game Battleheart.


Demo 2:

Borderlands Legends (AppStore Link) Borderlands Legends
Developer: 2K Games
Rated: 12+3.5
Price: $4.99 Get it

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