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BuddyCon for Android

BuddyCon is a live wallpaper, but more on the useful side then most…

I mean, BuddyCon seems to be to me is/was more useful then some of my normal non live wallpaper apps, as it lets me quickly access info about my contacts with these people type avatars that move on your homescreen that you can make look like whoever and/or whatever you want.

Yea, all I do is double tap then I can message, phone, ect. the contact I have attached to my little homescreen buddy as I like to call him/her.

Also, did I mention you can play little mini games with your little homescreen buddies?

The only downside I found to this app would be that it didn’t seem to be able to work on Honeycomb as of me writing this, but I am sure the devs will make it possible for it to in the future.


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