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Defender for Android Tips & Tricks

Below you will find the following Defender tips and tricks:

Final Fantasy Bow Warning

If you have bought the weapon “Final Fantasy” and in your description say “The Ability grows magically as game progress”, but a passed for many levels (more than 100 lvls) and my bonus doesn’t grows.

So basically yea, sure, it may help some, but it is no where near as much as they are asking for it in my opinion.

Defeating Bosses

The best way to defeat bosses is to use spells on them. The spells don’t really do much damage to them, but the spells do both stop their attack(s) for the moment as well as push them back.

Nightmare Mode

This mode makes enemies stronger, but the overall reward seems to be a bit higher.

Spell Upgrade Warning

Remember that when you upgrade a spell it may be better but it will take more mana to use; which usually means less times you can use it per level.

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