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What are freemium games?

You may be shocked, but now everyone in the world knows what freemium games are..

First, lets look at the word itself: Freemium, well, to save time lets just point out the obvious – free+premium=freemium.

How can a game be both free and of premium quality?

Well, you see both the Apple App Store and the Google Android Market have a system where devs can make it so you can and/or have to buy something in the game using real money.

Using this system often devs tend to make games with decently good graphics and offer them for free, but the catch is if you wanna be the best at the game you best be ready to spend real money on the game.

If that didn’t answer your question here is what wiki defines freemium as

Freemium is a business model that works by offering a product or service free of charge (typically digital offerings such as software, content, games, web services or other) while charging a premium for advanced features, functionality, or related products and services. The word “freemium” is a portmanteau combining the two aspects of the business model: “free” and “premium”.

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