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Fruit Ninja for Android

Fruit Ninja is a game you slice fruit and whatnot, but you do it awesomely…

I mean, it is slicing fruit, but it is very addicting.

There are 3-4 modes(depending on if you count the last one as a mode or not):

  • Classic – Normal 3 strikes and your out, don’t hit the bomb Fruit Ninja.
  • Zen – No bombs or anything to worry about, so just sline as much fruit as you can before time runs out.
  • Arcade – Like Zen mode, but special bonus fruit is added, and there are bombs on here but they only subtract 10 points from your score.
  • Multiplayer – You can play with your friends.

And of course there are different blades and backgrounds you can unlock.


Fruit Ninja Classic

Halfbrick Studios
Click and See   

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