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Fruit Ninja touchscreen vs Fruit Ninja Kinect

Now this isn’t really iOS or Android OS news, but then again it is. The reason being that both iOS and Android have the game Fruit Ninja, which is of course touchscreen. Well, Xbox 360 Kinect has a version of Fruit Ninja also, but as you may have guessed it is not touchscreen. No, it is full body control.

Now, both have their own good and bad, and I will try my best to explain:

The Good:

  • Fun to play(kinect) – I am sure this goes without saying, but come on, who wouldn’t want to act like a ninja to play a game.
  • Good time waster(touchscreen) – If your in a car or at the doctors it can be a good time waster for you or your kids.
  • Party(kinect) – The Kinect version has a party mode so that you and your friends can play at the same time.
  • V.S.(both) – Play against your friends and/or random strangers that have the same love for the game as you do.

The Bad:

  • Space(both) – Because in the touchscreen your limited by how big your devices screen is, and with the kinect your limited by how much free space is in the area you have set the kinect up.
  • Menu(kinect) – The menu may take some time to get use to, as waving and slashing into the air is not an exact science.

Overall, I suppose it depends on rather or not you just wanna slash on a touchscreen ok get a fullish body workout by chopping fruit on the kinect.

But, I will tell you this, my nephew loves the kinect version over the touchscreen version, and as a mater of fact I do also.

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