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ICS(Android 4.0.3) finally starts coming to Motorola Xoom

About almost an hour ago I received an update from build HTK75D to build IML77…aka Honeycomb to Ice Cream Sandwich.

My Xoom is 100% unrooted stock Android, so I get to see all the good(and sadly the bad bugs also) of ICS.

Good things:

  • Runs faster.
  • Camera seems better.
  • New features(bigger font options, lockscreen options, etc.)

Bad things/bugs:

  • Some of the widgets(such as the¬†gallery¬†single picture) seem to force close.
  • Doesn’t seem to have face unlock for whatever reason.

ICS is good all in all from the short time I have had with it. Yes, even with the bugs, because I didn’t expect it to be 100% bug free to start with.

Anyway, here is me showing off ICS a bit:

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