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Infinity Blade II for iPhone/iPad tips & tricks

Below you will find the following Infinity Blade II tips and tricks:

Money Cheat

1. Open the room with small rooms of gears inside.
2. Open the small rooms, and get the items in the room.
3. Restart to Rebirth 1.
4. Go to the room again, and open small rooms again to take the items.
5. You can sell all the items for much money.
6. You can repeat the steps above to get items for money until you got all keys for small rooms.

Sell Items

You are able to sell starting weapon you mastered after I picked up a second duplicate. You couldn’t sell the remaining one however. Perhaps you must always have one.


Infinity Blade II Light Weapon Combos:
Hug Hit – Alternating opposites (e.g: L, R, L)
Mega Hit – 2*opposites (e.g: L, L, R, R)
Ultra Hit – 4 Directions, and then (e.g: L, R, D, U, D)
Infinity Blade II Heavy Weapon Combos:
Tap the same direction twice, and then swipe arrow. (e.g: L, L, *)
Infinity Blade II Dual Weapon Combos:
Perform Huge Hit, and then any direction repeatedly. (e.g: L, R, L, *)

Hidden achievements

1—The Combinator (2000 combo)
2—Blockhead (10000 block)
3—Redirector (20 parry)
4—Tap master (5000 parry)
5—Float like a butterfly (20000 dodge)
6—Sting like a bee (100 stabs)
7—Can’t touch this (1000 perfect blocks)
8—Perfect timing (1000 great parries)
9—Perfect aim (1000 perfect slashes)
10–Moving on up (10 lvl)
11–In the sky (60 lvl)
12–Scrooged (1000000 gold)
13–Break the bank (500 trasures)
14–Custom collector (20 items modified)
15–Grabinator (50 wheels)
16–The first of many (1 item mastered)
17–Centennial (100 items mastered)
18–My precious (IB)
19–Perfect duelist (Win a fight using shield and sword with no damage taken)
20–Perfect fencer (win a fight using dual weapon with no damage taken)
21–perfect thug (the same as up with heavy weapon)
22–Mind over matter (win a fight without hitting the enemy)
23–Decked out (only gem-modified gear)
24–It’s ok to hit girls (Sadhi)
25–The bigger they are (Thane)
26–Death of written (Defeat the Archivist)

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