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Infinity Blade for iPhone/iPad

Infinity Blade, a very good RPG that has cool graphics, sounds, and gameplay.

When this game was first introduced I loved to play it, and even now I still play it from time to time.

Like everything else though, this game does have a downside; which is that it gets boring after awhile because it goes on forever never changing throughout your bloodline til you kill or join the God King….and even then.

That said, this game mayrepeat itself a whole lot, and may be super easy to beat, but I still think it is worth the buy. Because, lets face it half the reason to buy a game is graphics and the other half is fun, and this game may be short but it is very fun.


Infinity Blade (AppStore Link) Infinity Blade
Developer: Chair Entertainment Group
Rated: 12+4.5
Price: $5.99 Get it

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