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iOS 6(beta 1) demo

As you may know iOS 6 beta 1 is available for download and I just happened to get my hands on it! Here are my thoughts on some of the features that work and an overall review.:

I want to start by saying that I believe iOS 6 has a lot of promise. While the battery life is uncertain there are other features to be excited about.

Photo sharing is a good start! You can now have more sharing options using email, Twitter, Facebook, and text message. All of which appears with new cool looking icons.

Facetime without wifi!!! Now you don’t need wifi to do Facetime; as in you can use your 3G which has always been lacking til now.

Siri is new and improved! Siri does some awesome new stuff like report sport scores, send Twitter tweets/facebook posts which I think will be very useful on my part. Another plus is that siri can open third party apps as well.

Oh and the dallier has a new skin which looks cool.

Here’s a video summarizing the above:

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