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Lord of the Runes for iPhone/iPad

Lord of the Runes is a game where this wizard(you) randomly wake up one day and decide that you are going to fight all the evil in the world with your magic ruins.

I like this game. I mean, it is…well, one wouldn’t call it a endless runner, but it does have some of the same aspects as far as a set path. In fact the only time you ever stop walking/running is when you have to fight monsters.

I like this game mostly for one reason, and that is that to cast each spell all you need is to swipe a certain way.

Yes, yes they do try to get you to buy gold via a in-app buy, but it’s not really needed early on unless you wanna become the best wizard in the game early on in the game.


Lord of the Runes: magic adventure game (AppStore Link) Lord of the Runes: magic adventure game
Developer: Nevosoft LLC
Rated: 12+4
Price: $1.99 Get it

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