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Is the Motorola Xoom worth buying now?

As you all should know I currently as of whiting this own a Motorola Xoom that I bought about 9 months ago.

Overall, it has not been the best tablet in the world; heck it even froze on me many times, but it does typicality do what it is suppose to do.


  • Has sdcard slot
  • Is pretty easy to grip onto
  • Build is very sturdy


  • It’s a bit heavier then many tablets now in days
  • It freezes a fair amount of time…only on certain apps though
  • Not the fastest web browser out there
  • The screen isn’t as smooth as other tablets out there tend to be
  • As of now the sdcard by default is read-only…not sure if this is the fault of the Xoom or Honeycomb

If the above still isn’t enough for you to decide rather to buy it or not maybe this video will help:

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