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NyxQuest HD for iPad

NyxQuest is a RPG which is simple enough, yet at the same time complicated more so then thought originally.

I to be honest thought this game would be lame, and only bought it because it was on sale, but once I started playing it I realized that it seems to be a pretty cool and challenging game.

The game takes place in Ancient Egypt where you have lost your love do a God/Goddess, and Zeus lends you some of his power so that you can go try to save him.

Now, the main beefs I have with this game are: The fact that the levels seem like they are too hard for what little powers you get from Zeus, and the fact that in this game you are stuck as a girl because you never have the option to be a boy.


NyxQuest HD (AppStore Link) NyxQuest HD
Developer: Over the Top Games S.L.
Rated: 4+5
Price: $0.99 Get it

iPhone version of NyxQuest:

NyxQuest (AppStore Link) NyxQuest
Developer: Over the Top Games S.L.
Rated: 4+3.5
Price: $0.99 Get it

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