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  • Do tablets still matter? Do tablets still matter?

    Of course I am talking about Android tablets, but to an extent iPads and Windows tablets can be questioned also… [...]

  • Razer Phone Unboxing Razer Phone Unboxing

    When computers aren’t enough Android can help… But seriously though, Razer is a well known computer software company, but now [...]

  • Pocket Mortys for Android Pocket Mortys for Android

    A fan of Rick and Morty? A fan of Pokemon? If you answered yes to one or more of those [...]


Infinity Blade for iPhone/iPad

Infinity Blade for iPhone/iPad

Infinity Blade, a very good RPG that has cool graphics, sounds, and gameplay. When this game was first introduced I loved to play it, and even now I still play it from time to time. Like everything else though, this game does have a downside; [...]