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Pokemon like game for Android and possibly iOS?!

Finally, we may be getting a good Pokemon like game for Android, and Apple willing iOS also..

Does this game have a name?

It does indeed; its name is EvoCreo.

Yep, EvoCreo will be a game that if it makes it will awesome for reasons that we all know.

Yes, I said if, because yes, I really want it to make it, but the alpha build looked to much like Pokemon. They fixed the layout in the closed beta so that it doesn’t fully look like Pokemon, but the creator(s) of this game better watch out, because Nintendo really doesn’t mess around with that stuff no matter who you are.

But yea, this game looks so awesome right now and I would love to buy it when it first comes out if possible.

By the way, here is a demo for you all to see how the game looks:

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