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Quad-Core, is it really needed?

As many of you may know NVIDIA has released their new Tegra 3 Quad-Core chip; which is used in the new Transformer Prime.

Well, what I want to know is: Is it worth the upgrade from Duel-Core to Quad-Core? Yes, I know it’s new and everyone must have the newest thing, but lets look past that for a minute and examine the fact(s)…

Duel-Core is very fast already, so as of yet I don’t think we really need a Quad-Core, I wouldn’t mind having a Duel-Core vs a Quad-Core if it meant better battery life, and a lot of laptops now in days don’t even have Quad-Core yet.

If after you read the above you still “need” a Quad-Core device, then who am I to stop you…

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