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Rune Raiders for iPhone/iPad

Rune Raiders is a blockish type RPGish game with blocks…

With this game I couldn’t really tell if the graphics were pretty good or if the dev was just lazy and made everyone out to be blocks with faces.

But if you get pass the blocks the gameplay is quite fair.


Rune Raiders (AppStore Link) Rune Raiders
Developer: Retro64, Inc.
Rated: 9+4.5
Price: Free Get it

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  1. Soaib says:

    OK, so I just got my first android phone and I nocited all the apps at android market when browsing through my phone are so expensive. An app that cost $1.99 when browsing from my desktop cost $14.99 when browsing throgh my phone. Am I the only one getting this problem? need´╗┐ help

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