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The Sims FreePlay for iPhone/iPad Tips & Tricks

Below you will find the following The Sims FreePlay tips and tricks:

Big LP and money

You have to connect to the store where you can buy money etc but as soon as the red box comes up saying ‘connecting to store’ quickly shut the game down also shut it down in your multitask bar on the iPhone,
Then go back on the game and connect to the store and everything should be free. I had to do this about 3 times on my iPhone 4 before it worked so now I have about 3 million pound and about 3000 lps

What I will say is I used to be addicted to this game and played it all the time since I have all the money etc now I hardly go on so in a way I kinda wish I didn’t cheat, as now it is not as fun.

Instant Seed Growth

I’m not sure what I am doing to get this to happen, but here is what I have:

I have one house with the maximum number of plots for growing seeds (10 at this point with 15 Sims) and I collect most of my active Sims there for easier control. I have realized that when I go through and plant all at once, sometimes 1 (or even more) of them will grow their seeds instantly and I can harvest and replant. So far I have just seen this with the quicker seeds (I usually do 30 minute/1 hour seeds) and I don’t know if it would also happen with the slower growing seeds.

Hope this works for others too!

Endless Money & Lp

*Note* This cheat Is very repetitive and takes some time.

1. To get endless LP –
Everytime you reach a new population milestone you are awarded 5LP. Now delete an item to go just back under the milestone award.
Then press the home button and end the game in the multi-task menu.
Put the game back on and you’ll notice you can achieve the reward again.
Buy an item to reach the award again and wala, another 5LP.

*Hint* Reach the 1,000,000 population and youll earn 10LP each time instead of 5.
*Note* Repeat process several times and you’ll have 500Lp in no time.

Endless Money –
Now with all that extra LP you can buy featured items.
Buy the coffin bed for 6Lp and sell for 2,000.

*Note* Repeat process over and over you’ll be rolling in the simoloians.

(May not work if you have updated to the latest version)

Making Sims Sick

Shake device to make Sims be sick. You will have to get them to clean it up after though.

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