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Do tablets still matter?

Of course I am talking about Android tablets, but to an extent iPads and Windows tablets can be questioned also…

Ok, so now in days you can buy a decent older android tablet for $50-$100, a older iPad for $120-$300, and maybe a old surface pro for $300-$500. Well, my question is are they needed?…

I mean, yes, I could go out and buy a $60 working and decently good Android tablet like the Nexus 7 or kindle fire, but do I need it? The answer is most likely no. I mean, their is a reason tablets aren’t as popular now in days as they were in the past and that reason is because they are good for playing games or watching stuff on the internet, but not much else.

Now, this is where the iPad and the Surface Pro kind of jump ahead of Android in the tablet department due to the facts that iPads got to well known that businesses got use to using them for everything and the Surface Pro runs a full version of windows on it, so if you wanted to you could use it as your on the go type computer.

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