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Temple Run for iPhone/iPad Tips & Tricks

Below you will find the following Temple Run tips and tricks:

Mega Bonus

To get the Mega Bonus, whereby you need to fill the bonus meter four times (I.e. Four lots of 100 coins), you need to collect 100 coins at a time without tripping. Repeat this four times in one run to get the Mega Bonus.

Coin Collecting

Collect coins to earn points so you have more currency to spend in the shop.

Double Resurrection in One Run

To perform two resurrections in one run, you first need to purchase the two resurrections.

Then, double tap the screen before dying to come back to life the first time. Once you travel for at least 1000 metres, you will be able to repeat this a second time.

Temple run how to run forever explained very detailed

Go to main menu.click on options.then go over were tutorial is and swipe were it is on tutorial mode.then start palying when it says swipe ,swipe twice!!!!(quickly!!!)

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