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Top Free Business Apps for Android

There is an amazing growth in technology with the launch of new devices and gadgets. These devices are empowered with lots of new applications and enabled with stunning features which make you irresistible. These apps are being used for compiling different tasks which are taking a lot time and they are simple and efficient.

There are lots of apps which are guided with various categories. Some of the categories are Education, Entertainment, Business, Finance, Travel and many more. These apps are used with efficiency in their respective fields and can give you the accurate solutions. As you see there are lots of business apps which help you in managing your business. Some of the Business apps which are of no cost and are specially developed for Android are;

  •     Office Suite Viewer: This is a special application which has special features to track and manage your business with the new view. It is designed in such a way that it can open any file in any format like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF and .DOC. It can also open the ZIP file attachments and extract all the files from it. There are some special features in this app as it enables you to view the files in a slideshow and Thumbnail mode. It also views the files in images and charts mode in the Excel mode. It has the direct support of Wi-Fi for downloading the files. It is a free app for Android.
  •     File Manager: This device is specially designed to manage the office files and it is entailed with lots of amazing features. It is enabled with the latest User Interface with simple and effective functions. Some of the special features of this app include the multiple resolution support and this app supports 19 different languages and you can also edit, cut, copy, paste and cancel the file it can show you the history and list of browsing with all searched files and their locations. It uses a function of thumbnail for pictures, photos and other files. This app is free for Android devices.
  •     Open Document Reader: This is also a special app which is important for business people. It is the first and latest app which has OpenOffice and LibreOffice document reader and it is especially for Android devices. This app is a simple and fast app which opens the document from your mails and other storage devices. You can also open PDF and ODF format files by this app. It also supports all the other apps which are protected by the passwords. It is enabled with the Android File browser and gets with the great speed. This app is also a free app for Android.
  •     Kingsoft Office: This is a spectacular app for the office files which can be used anywhere anytime. This device has lots of amazing features and this is the most downloaded app and meant to be best for the mobile office. It has various gestures and it supported with different modes. It is enabled with the inbuilt file manager and also supports 23 types of file formats with special interface. You can’t say it as a best app but you should say it as a Smart app which handles every task which are carried out at Office and all you got it for free.
  •     Task Manager: This is the latest application and a one-stop search for the task managers. It has the special feature of speed work for the task and it also saves the battery for your Android mobile. You can search the files and sort them with names and date of search. It is also the best app for the business people and can make a great difference to the business. This app can be had for free for the Android people.

The above are the fabulous apps for the business entrepreneurs and can make a huge difference by these applications. If you feel that they are worthy to buy then you can go for it but you need a device which is enabled with Android OS and if you think this can be of over budget then you can opt for payday loans which is form of instant money and can be repaid when you receive your next pay cheque.

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